BluStreak Premaster and DoStudio

Hello. We are a authoring facility placed in Rome , Italy and we're very interested in Premaster.
We already used DoStudio for a couple of Blu-ray projects with some problems so we still want to evaluate the product. As you can see the trial version is complete except for BDCMF creation ( BDCMF formatting is the only feature that is disabled when you are in Trial mode ). Can you confirm us that Premaster fill the final gap and works perfectly even with Dostudio trial? Thank you. Regards.

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Hi Stefano,

BluStreak Premaster makes perfect BDCMF folders with DoStudio input, which pass Eclipse verification. We have no control over the stream encoding by the authoring program, though of course DoStudio has been successful and there should not be any problems today if you follow their recommendations. But what kind of problems have you encountered?

We are early in our product cycle and request that the replicators that we work with will thoroughly test the projects before committing to a glass master, including running the video and audio through the Sony stream verifier. If you decide to use us please let us know who you are considering to use for replication, or if you wish us to recommend someone in Europe. We will do all that we can to make sure the process goes smoothly, and we have a representative in Germany who is working with us on these issues.


Larry Applegate

thanks but...

Hi Larry
Thanks for your quick reply. I probably need to clarify my email in some points: we used Dostutio to successfully create n.2 blu-ray titles duplicated at Sonopress (Germany). The problems i was referring is about the Authoring software "generally speaking" : Dostudio is a new software that needs to grow and be refined so the authoring process was not easy or/and "problems free" to get the result we had in mind. I was higlightining this because i wanted to make clear that we still would like to evaluate DoStudio before buying the full licence and we would still like to make so me more test with the replication facilities, including BDCMF testing. So the question is: can we use DoStudio TRIAL VERSION (not full) + BLUSTREAK PREMASTER to get a final , 100% working Blu-ray disk image ?
Thank you
Stefano Tofani

Yes you can

Hi Stefano,

Yes, you can.



DoStudio trial version

The DoStudio trial version does not create a replication-ready folder structure. Attempting to replicate discs from the trial version will result in faulty playback because the trial version uses test IDs that Blu-ray players can reject if they are read from replicated discs. And the previous contributor is correct. Replicating discs from the DoStudio trial is a violation of the EULA.

Stefano, we welcome Larry's product to the market but if you wish to replicate discs from DoStudio we encourage you to contact us. I would like to hear more about your authoring needs and see how we can meet them. Feel free to contact me directly at: jharrington (at) netblender (dot) com.

Best regards,
John Harrington
NetBlender CEO

Thanks for the clarification,

Thanks for the clarification, John. I think that people are just looking to find out what will work before committing to a professional product, rather than trying to circumvent the EULA.

I'm also pleased that DoStudio is out there, and can offer a significant step up from Encore at a reasonable price. We all stand to benefit as more tools for independent authors become available and more non-hollywood titles are produced.



"I'm also pleased that

"I'm also pleased that DoStudio is out there, and can offer a significant step up from Encore at a reasonable price."

??? $ 2995,- ??? And not for Apple........ Only windows

So the answer is no?

Hello Larry, hello John
i want to clarify immediately that we do not want to replicate a project using trial version of Dostudio, but we wanted to know if the operation was possible because of further tests we would like to have with replication facilities, including the BDCMF image testing.
Going back to the topic... Larry your answer is very simple and clear but looks like there are other limitations (test IDs ?) that would make this operation impossible, as John pointed out.
I apologize for any misunderstanding
Thank you very much for your support!
Best regards

Stefano Tofani

DoStudio trial version EULA

The EULA of the Trial version of DoStudio says that you can not use the trial to create a disc that will be used for replication. I'd contact NetBlender to ensure the trial version's image is ok to be replicated. Knowing NetBlender there probably is something else missing beside the BDCMF tab in the trail version. I would be very careful to send the output of a trail version of DoStudio to a replicator.

DoStudio Trial version does NOT do BDCMF

You can create a disc for BD-R testing, but BD CMF output is disabled until the full package is properly licensed.