Blu-ray Premastering

BluStreak Premaster is the only Macintosh solution for creating a BDCMF folder for submission to a Blu-ray replication facility today. If you are considering joining the Blu-ray authoring community, there are costs and considerations above what you might be aware of for DVD.

AACS Fees Have Been Lowered!

Bruce Nazarian, President of the IDMA/DVDA, has been proactively lobbying the AACS licensing powers on behalf of independent authors for the past 18 months, and his tireless work has finally paid off!

Please see the IDMA Announcement.

The fee for publishing a single Blu-ray Title for a first-time publisher is now $1000 plus $0.04 per disc. The $1000 is made up of a $500 annual fee and a $500 per-title fee.

The per-title fee is locked to a CRC checksum created from the entire replication premastering submission (presumably from BluStreak Premaster if you are reading this). This means you can replicate the same title as many times as you wish with only the $0.04 per disc charge, as long as nothing changes.

That means that if you get a check disc, discover something wrong, and want to fix it, you will have to pay another $500. We should consider ourselves lucky, this would have been $1300 before this change. Prior to this new agreement, you would have had to pay $3000 up front one time instead of being able to pay $500 per year. (You can still pay the $3000 one time if you wish).