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Do not replicate without reading and understanding this tutorial first.

BluStreak Premaster

BluStreak Premaster accepts the Blu-ray folders created by any authoring application and creates the Premastering image required by Replication facilities for large-scale manufacturing, including full AACS copy protection support.

  • Formats Blu-ray output for commercial manufacturing
  • Straightforward, reliable operation
  • Accepts input from any authoring application
  • Supports AACS & dual-layer (BD-50) format
  • Automatic checksum generation to ensure data integrity
  • Also burns playable discs to both BD and DVD media
  • Built on Rivergate’s extensive experience with pre-mastering for DVD replication, BluStreak Premaster is both easy to use and robust, and accepts input created by Blu-ray authoring applications running on any platform, including Adobe Encore CS4, DVDIt Pro HD, Toast, Final Cut 7/Compressor 3.5, and others.

    Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or above.

    BluStreak Burner

    BluStreak Burner is a free subset of BluStreak Premaster for burning and testing your Blu-ray projects. BluStreak Burner offers a more streamlined work flow, so that you always know you are creating Blu-ray playable discs, and not trying to find the Blu-ray options in another burner application. It also combines erasing and burning in a single operation, and allows file rearrangement for best playback and layer break selection.

    DVDAterEdit Mastering Edition

    DVDAterEdit Mastering Edition is Rivergate's DVD premastering and advanced editing tool, used for everything from a simple logo change to replacing a complicated abstraction layer with more efficient navigation. DVDAfterEdit Standard Edition offers all of the same editing tools for burning and duplication.

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