New Web Store is Up

The new web store on this site is up, offering BluStreak Premaster for preorder, and also replacing the legacy product store on the DVDAfterEdit Site.. This new store, and the new site, will take advantage of major improvements in our web content provider software.

BluStreak Premaster at FCPUG Super Meet

Bruce Nazarian and I introduced BluStreak Premaster at the FCPUG Super Meet on Tuesday night at NAB. It was well-received by the 1,000 Final Cut Pro User Group attendees, since it now finally provides a solution to a complete Blu-ray workflow on the Macintosh.

The high cost of AACS is still a deal-breaker for smaller production runs. But Bruce and others have been lobbying hard for a reduction in fees, and there are indications that this may come about.

BluStreak Premaster to be released at NAB

Rivergate Software is pleased to announce that the release of their first Blu-ray Software application, BluStreak Premaster, will take place at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas.

Bruce Nazarian, President of IDMA / DVDA, will be making the announcement and showing BluStreak Premaster at the convention seminars on Sunday April 19, and at the Final Cut Pro Super Meet on Tuesday.

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