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Encore CS4 Subtitles liniking Issues Blu-ray project

Encore CS4 Win Vista Ultimate
Linking Subtitles tracks.

Blu-Ray Project

  • 1 Main Movie Timeline H264 1920x 1080
  • 1 Main Menu.
  • 1 Pop Up Menu
  • 1 Set Up s/Menu.
  • 1 Audio s/Menu.
  • 1 Commentary s/Menu.
  • 1 Subtitles s/Menu with 3 languages buttons
  • 4 Scenes Selection s/Menus

After linking each subtitle language button to itself and specified the track language number .. during playback I accessed the subtitle menu through the Pop Up menu and there selected the button to switch to another track; and I can see that it has been activated since the highlight changes to Yellow ,then I scrolled down in the same menu to the "Resume" button and select it - when activated, the "Resume" button loses its assigned function apparently and the disc exits as if I pressed the STOP button on my remote control.As a matter of fact I had to add a resume button and try that possibility since with no Resume button nothing happens after a specified subtitle language button is selected.

I was really puzzled towards this behaviour so I started the disc again;played back the movie and through the Pop Up menu accessed the same subtitle menu and - This time -I did not touch the Subs.tracks buttons (1-2-3),but instead,scrolled directly to the "Resume" Button and activated it... Playback resumed from where I left.This means that the moment you activate any other button prior to the Resume button "Resume Button" loses its functionality !

Now when I link the subs.tracks to the movie timeline intead of the subtitle menu,the moment I access the subs menu through the Pop Up menu and activate any of the desired language subs buttons tracks, playback of the movie Resumes at once( no need for the resume button) but... from the very beginning and with the new assigned language track.

Like you are witnessing this is very Odd.

Now I was told that the subtitles linking do work on DVD's..So I was curious and I authored the same project but as DVD (NTSC 720x480) and linked each button to itself in the subtitle menu (same way as I did for the Blu-ray) project) while specifying the right language track. I burnt the project to a DVD and watched it also on my Ps3 but as DVD - During playback I accessed the Main menu from the remote Control "Menu Button" and there I again from setup went to the subtitle menu and switched from the "english" sub track to the "german" or"french" track and scrolled down to the "Resume" button in the same Subtitle menu and selected it - Preview resumed from where I left and track changed to "german" subtitle . Now really I am at a loss:)

Now here are my observations comparing Blu-Ray build to DVD build as far as subtitles issues, in general, are concerned.

1- Although ,as you well know, each project has a default subtitle and audio track that initially is active the moment you insert your Media (blu-ray or DVD). On a normal DVD when you hit the "Play Movie" button in the Main menu, movie starts and the default subtitle is active . On a blu-ray Disc the default subtitle track is not active - and playback has no subtitle at all unless you select subtitle Button on your remote and select a language track - since accessing the subtitle menu does not function.

2- On a DVD each subtitle track displays its language property on the screen when you use the "subtitle " remote control button; i.e. "English","French" or whatever etc... are dispayed on the screen. On a Blu-ray Disc all languages become English !

3- Adobe useful Help recommends and insists on a Gap of 2 frames between each subtitle for Blu-Ray projects. Well not even 6 frames are enough you need a minimum of 8 frames gap between each subtitle which makes that subtitle lines duration are very short - the moment they appear they disappear very fast.

It is a real Pitty because Encore Cs4 is a wonderful application .Unlike other complains that I randomly witness in the forum I did not encounter any difficulties with DTS audio or AC3 or H264 or MPEG or any other error like build error or audio error and all the streams I use are High Def 1920 x1080 always show on the project panel a: dont transcode (for blu-ray settings) . everything is great but this tiny small issue that I could not so far master !

Hope I could find any help. Thanks.


Encore stream selection for Blu-ray does not work at all

We have noticed that Encore does not handle stream selection and resume for Blu-ray, it is completely bollixed up. We are working on BluStreak Premaster 1.1 beta and we are already working on a new function "Quickfix Encore Menus". I would explain more, but it is more important that we get back to programming first.




A visitor posted an inquiry about replicators who have actually produced a commercial BD for second-tier (non-hollywood) authoring studios. We are working with existing customers and three potential replication facilities towards that objective. We will report here as progress is made.

We are working towards a "cookbook" approach which we will post on this web site once it is useful. Please stay tuned, and reply to this post if you wish to join in this effort.


Larry Applegate
Rivergate Software


I pait € 299, - where is my download

Download is now ready

The problem is now resolved, and all purchasers have now received the license file for the 1.0 released application, which is available for download here.

Anyone may test the download under its limited demo functionality.



Download not quite ready

Thanks for your patience, we did not intend for new store to charge your card until the download was ready, we apologize for the mistake.

We have sent the beta application to vansin and will be working with him and the replicator to make sure his project goes smoothly.