Blu-Ray Encoding

Blu-ray Encoding for Replication is not the same as for Duplication

Creating a Blu-ray recordable disc and playing having it play in Blu-ray players does not guarantee that the video encoding that you performed will pass stream verification for replication.

Check out the NetBlender Wiki Paper for an excellent report on compatible encoders. It was updated in August 2009, and it reports that the new FCP/Compressor encodes now pass.

Be careful of hardware encoders. It is reported that the new Matrox encoder card does not create compatible streams.

Adobe Encore Encodings now pass the Sony Stream Verifier

We have tested the Adobe Creative Suite IV Production Premium Encoders, and the following codecs pass the Sony Stream Verifier with no errors or warnings:

MPEG-2 Video Encoder
AVC Video Encoder
LPCM Audio Encoder

The Adobe AC3 Audio Encoder produce a consistent BSID Stream ID error. At this time we do not know if this will result in playability problems. This information has been passed on to the Adobe programmers, and they have an unreleased fix, that most likely won't appear until CS5.

PCM Audio is uncompressed, and AC3 is highly compressed. The generous bandwidth of Blu-ray and the efficiency of the video encoders, particularly AVC, suggest that there is little advantage to using AC3 unless the project has multiple audio streams.