Blu-ray Duplication

Blu-ray duplication can be a low-cost solution for getting into Blu-ray right away. For corporate videos, short documentaries, and other content short of a Hollywood movie, you can fit as much as one hour on a DVD-5, and even two hours on a DVD-9, if you don't drive the bit rate too high.

For duplication on BD-R, the media is still somewhat pricey but the costs are coming down, to as low as $3 per disc as of late April 2009. (Update - now down to just over $2 - August 2009).

The other savings for duplication vs. replication on smaller runs is avoiding the AACS fees. It will cost you $500 per year to replicate BD, plus $500 for each unique production and 4 cents per disc.

Toast 9 and 10, and now Final Cut, can burn a playable Blu-ray disc on either DVD or Blu-ray media. This disc can then be used as a duplication master.

BluStreak Premaster also burns to either media, gives you control of the physical placement of the files on the disc, and honors the chosen layer break on dual-layer media.

Encore CS4 will burn a playable disc to BD-R and BD-RE media only.