Blu-ray Authoring Class

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This class has been cancelled because of a family commitment.

Larry Applegate of Rivergate Software will teach another Macintosh Blu-ray Authoring Class at Silverado Systems, the premiere Apple VAR in Northern California, on Tuesday January 5th. The charge is $75 per person for this 3-hour class.

The class is intended for anyone wishing to use Blu-ray for screening, duplicating, or mass replication, using a Macintosh-only plus Blu-ray player workflow. Blu-ray media prices are dropping, shorter projects can be screened on inexpensive DVD media, and the AACS fees for replication have been drastically reduced.

In the class we will create from scratch, burn, and play on a big screen four complete Blu-ray projects, using only previously prepared Final Cut ProRes and Photoshop assets. The first three projects will be created with Toast, Compressor, and Encore alone. The last will be created with Encore and BluStreak Premaster's "Quickfix Encore Menus" function.

During the class we will use BluStreak Burner, the free subset of BluStreak Premaster, for most of our Blu-ray media burning. BluStreak Burner includes the quickfix functions, and may be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

We wish to thank Bruce Nazarian for the book Fast Path to Blu-ray for Mac, on which much of the material for the class was originally based. Hard copies will be available for purchase at the class, or you may also purchase and download a PDF from Bruce's web site.

If you have questions or comments, you may post them here using the comments link at the bottom of this page.

Price: $75.00
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