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Blu-ray Authoring Classes

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Larry Applegate of Rivergate Software will teach a Blu-ray Authoring Class at , the premiere Apple VAR in Northern California, on Nov. 16, 2009.

In this class Larry will cover the three options for a Macintosh-only workflow for creating Blu-ray recordable media for playback, and how you can distribute or publish your work by duplication and replication. The AACS fees have been drastically reduced and you can now replicate 1,000 discs for about $2600 total cost, including packaging.

Much of the material for these classes is based on the book with the blessing of its author Bruce Nazarian, who is also President of the Copies of the book will be available for purchase at the classes.

Here is the class schedule:

10 a.m. Making Blu-ray in Final Cut Pro 7
11 a.m. Blu-ray Video with Toast 10.0.4
12 a.m. Lunch offsite nearby
1 p.m. Making Blu-ray in Adobe Encore CS4
2 p.m. Publishing Blu-ray with BluStreak Premaster
3 p.m. Wrap up and general discussion

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Another class / presentation?

I am slammed with projects and really wanted to make this, forgot all about it, well, not forgot, just thought I could make it and now I am too late.



thanks for the free presentation thought for us anyway. Hope it was a big crowd.

  • gerry

Another Blu-ray Authoring Class will be offered

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